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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Saturday, October 4


We received the following email from President Woodland regarding the recent successes in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. Although we are not actively involved in this side of missionary work, we do go out frequently with the Elders to teach and are thrilled to hear of their successes.

"Sisters and Elders – We all need to express our deepest gratitude to the Lord and our Father in Heaven for the marvelous, prepared people that They are leading us to and with the witness of the Holy Ghost. This past weekend (at latest count) we saw 8 incredible baptisms – Irene in Rotterdam, Ismael and Nicolas in Brussels, Stephanie in Utrecht, Christianne and Mary in Liege, Jammer in Amsterdam, and Samuel in Turnhout. These are phenomenal converts. As I met with Stephanie today and participated in her confirmation, I could not help but see the strength of this young lady and the light in her soul.

"We should all take note of a very miraculous blessing. As many of you know, we took the missionaries out of Turnhout for several months. When we received the feeling that the time had come to put the missionaries back in Turnhout last spring, we blessed the city and began the great work. Since May, 9 people have been baptized in Turnhout. There have been baptisms in every month since May. This is clearly through the blessings of the Lord and the hard, obedient, and faithful work of several missionaries.

"The week of September 21st was an extraordinary week that has raised the mission to a new level – a significant step in the mindset change focusing on baptisms. Sacrament meeting attendance increased by 34%. New investigators have gone up 67% in two weeks. This includes an incredible week in Liege, Belgium where 20 new investigators were found in one day. During this week, on average each companionship in the mission had 3.5 member present lessons and 3.3 new investigators.

"Let me just quickly share with you a precious experience. During the weekend a week ago, a young boy over the age of 8 was baptized. Everyone at the baptism and in the Branch has been captivated by the faith of this young man. He wears his “future missionary” plaque to school. When his mother went to a parent teacher conference at school, his teacher told her that she had asked each of the students to draw a picture of their favorite vacation moment – he drew the Church. When they asked him to introduce himself, he said “ my Dad’s Arab, my Mom is Belge, and I’m a Mormon.” His mother was having a difficult time stopping smoking until she saw her son baptized. Last weekend, she was baptized with the support of her husband and her newly baptized son. A tender mercy of the Lord.

"May we continue to be blessed.
President Woodland"


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