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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Saturday, September 20


We thought when we were first called on our mission that we would stay in Bordeaux for the whole two years. Our mission boundaries are only the southern part of France. We felt bad that we would be so close but not get to see Paris (especially the Louvre). The nearest temple in Madrid, Spain, is outside of our boundaries, so we didn't think we would be able to attend the temple for the two years.

Due to the nature of our work and various projects that have come up that we have been assigned to by the FamilyHistory Department, we have technically served in three missions and have visited four countries and will soon be visiting The Netherlands to go to the temple there. We have been in the Toulouse France Mission for 15 months, with a six-week assignment in the Paris France Mission, and are now serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. We also went through Luxembourg on our way to Belgium and visited Alace Lorraine where our ancestors once lived. This last week we went for one day to Frankfurt, Germany. We have been blessed to have served with three Mission Presidents and their wives, the Merrells in the Toulouse France Mission, the Ponds in the Paris France Mission, and the Woodlands in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. We have had three apartments and lived with two of the most outstanding families in the Church - the Defranchis in Bordeaux and the Crucys in Paris. We have attended three wards/branches - Eysines Ward in Bordeaux, Torcy Ward in Paris, and Mons Branch in Mons.

Last Wednesday we went from Mons, Belgium, to Valenciennes, France, to inspect the Elders' apartment and back to Mons, Belgium. Thursday, we went from Mons, Belgium, to Brussels, Belgium, for a Zone Conference. This Monday we went from Mons, Belgium, to Frankfurt, Germany, for training and to pick up a new computer, and back to Mons, Belgium, in one day. Tuesday we went from Mons, Belgium, to Bordeaux, France, where we stayed until Thursday, and then returned to Mons, Belgium.

We have had experiences we could have only dreamed of before. Each new surprise has been delightful, and we feel so blessed to have been called on this mission to get to know these wonderful places and people.


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