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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Saturday, September 20


As we were getting ready to leave our apartment the other morning, JoAnn came rushing out of the bathroom saying something like... "There's something alive in there and it was about this big." Holding her fingers about two or three inches apart. Arnold went into the bathroom to investigate. JoAnn followed and said "He went running under there." and pointed at the laundry bag on the floor in front of the washing machine. Expecting an exaggeration, Arnold bravely lifted the laundry bag to investigate. Seeing nothing he said, "Must have been a spider or something, probably ran under the washing machine." We gave up the hunt and proceeded to get ready to go. As we were putting on our coats and heading toward the door... Here came "Tim's" brother running at full speed making as straight a path as possible from the bathroom, through our office area made a quick left turn straight toward our front door. JoAnn said, "There he goes." and Arnold reacted with, "Yup, and he seems to know exactly where he's going." He ran right to the front door and stopped for us to open the door. Arnold obliged, reached over, unlocked the door, and opened it and let him run out into the hall, quickly shutting the door behind him to allow our uninvited guest his leave. We waited a few minutes to allow him to go his way. Carefully opening the front door, all the time looking at the floor, we entered the hallway. No where was Tim's brother to be found. He had long headed for parts unknown. We hope he's still running... as far away as he can get.

JoAnn was not exaggerating one tiny bit... He was big, hairy, a fast runner and smart as heck. He reminded us of the spider we had living in the downstairs hallway at our apartment in Bordeaux whom JoAnn nick-named "Tiny Tim." Somehow naming something that scary seems to make them less scary. Actually this was kind of a funny experience... at least we can laugh about it now.

This guy doesn't really resemble the monster that was in our apartment... He was more hairy and much bigger.


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