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Monday, September 22


Saturday night on our way home we decided to try a new pizza place not too far from our apartment. It has a classy Belgian name "Fast-Food Pizza." Whenever we have gotten pizza in Europe they call their largest pizza "geante" (giant) which usually is the size of a medium pizza in America. So we naively told them we wanted a geante pizza. This is what we got.
The plate JoAnn is holding is a full-sized dinner plate. This definitely is "GEANTE." The box was so big that we could only fit one of us and the pizza in our little elevator to get up to our apartment.This geante pizza would not even fit in this little pizza stand in Bordeaux. This is "Kiosque a Pizzas" and is a small shack in the parking lot of the grocery store.
Our greatest find so far in Mons having to do with pizza is a Pizza Hut right across the round-about next to our work. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet that has real American style pizza. We took the Elders there once and they really loved it - even the Elder from Germany. This is the only place in Europe that we have found that has real pepperoni. Usually, they have something called chirozo, which is like a spicy Mexican sausage.

When we first got to Bordeaux we went to a restaurant called "Pizza Pai" which is pronounced pizza pie. JoAnn knew no French then and ordered a pizza that sounded good. She was dismayed when it arrived with a raw egg in the middle. We don't know if the egg was supposed to cook on the hot pizza, but whatever, it was most unappetizing. One thing we have noticed concerning pizza here in France and Belgium - everyone eats pizza with a knife and a fork. You can always tell an American as they just pick up the pizza and enjoy. Also when you order a whole pizza they never slice it for you, and if you get olives on your pizza beware as they do not remove the pits.


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