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Saturday, September 27


Toon, in addition to being the camera operator for the church, is the security person for the Archives, which is below the Mons Expo. The Expo is having a very big event the next two weeks, so they are sprucing up the whole area. They have brought in plants to place on the railings, etc. Because the Archives is directly below the Expo and is viewed by those visiting the Expo, Toon had the responsibility of cleaning up the area around the Archives, which is a large parking lot and their garden area. They have beautiful trees lining the parking lot and throughout their yard. The problem is that now that fall is here the trees are losing their very large leaves. Toon had been gone most of this week for a seminar in Paris, and Elly has had problems with her stomach and is unable to bend over. They needed to do the job in a hurry for the weekend and were worried that they would be able to have the time needed.
Elders to the rescue!!

They planned on two Elders to help them, but five showed up. Pictured are Toon, Elder Wakefield, Elder Gonzales, Elder Scott, Elder Nielsen, and Elder Peterson. Note the hand accessories of Elder Peterson on the end. These were great for scooping up the leaves after they had been racked up.

Broom Man!

The Big Boss!

Toon invented this giant broom to sweep up the leaves. He attached 6 regular brooms to a cross piece and added a long handle. Elder Wakefield sweeping a large swath of leaves with one run. Now, if we could only figure a way to hitch the dogs to the broom.

Is that a C cord he is playing?

Note the large pile of leaves in the corner. This was a massive job. Toon had to make two trips to the dump with a small trailer filled with leaves. This is a perfect place for Arnold's joke. What did Tonto say to the Lone Ranger when they went to get rid of the trash? To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump.

Green with envy?

The two men in green looking over the railing are the workers from the Expo. We think they either thought these young men were taking their job, or they were jealous that the Elders' broom was bigger than theirs.

Work done and all cleaned up, we went into the Toon and Elly's apartment for some refreshment. Elder Scott and Elder Peterson really do clean up nicely.
Arnold, JoAnn and Elder Gonzales relaxing, especially Elder Gonzales.

Funny Elders!

Elder Gonzales, Elder Nielsen and Elder Wakefield, all showing their we did it! faces. They all seemed to enjoy having some hard physical work to do. It was a nice change from their normal work, and it was such a blessing for Toon and Elly. They wouldn't have been able to do it in time without them.

Elly was taking pictures. Arnold handed her the camera and asked her to take pictures of "everyone." So she did. This is the one of her.

She is the funnest lady. We love this family so much. They are basically good, good people - always thinking of how to help others. We are indeed blessed to have been sent here to Mons to work with them.


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