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Thursday, September 25


Hans Fiedler (Jean Pierre Masella's boss), Paul Abbott (software expert and responsible for getting information back and forth between the US and Europe), and Wayne Metcalf (over record preservation operations in Europe and the Western Hemisphere) came to see us this week from the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU). They were here for a big seminar of all the related employees in this area that was held in Paris. They introduced some important changes in the way the camera operators report their work. They also wanted to meet us and see what we were doing and to check out a new invention Toon had for capturing images (that's the official way to say taking pictures) more easily and quickly.

It was fun meeting them and they took us out to lunch at the Greek restaurant in the mall and then were off to Paris for their seminar.

Paul Abbott knows Whitney and Cathy Clayton, and told us he would tell them hello for us.


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