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Thursday, August 14


We went to church one Sunday and everyone said, "We saw your picture in the Liahona." We had to say that we had not. We tried to download it off the Internet but, while the Liahona main articles are on the Internet, the local articles are not. Apparently, this is true for the Liahonas in French that are circulated outside of France and Belgium.
One of the Elders had the magazine so we borrowed his. We scanned the article, but it came out quite small. The pictures showed, however.
Arnold translated the article as follows:

After twenty seven years of waiting, the Church is authorized to digitize the records of the protestant parishes
By Jean-Pierre Massela

Since 1980, the church hoped to microfilm the protestant archives of the Société de l’Histoire du Protectantisme Française (SHPF) or Historical Society of French Protestantism. After twenty- seven years of contact and of attempting to come to an agreement, a contract was finally signed this past November 26th between the SHPF and the Church, not to microfilm but – thanks to technological evolution – to digitize the protestant parish records of this library situated in the heart of Paris.

Digitization will permit for the first time the indexing on line of the documents and the sharing on the Internet site Due to the heavy dispersion of protestant sources due to persecution, these documents are very precious for genealogical research.

It was nevertheless necessary to prepare, sort, evaluate and organize the documents having a genealogical value. This was the work that Brother and Sister Miller, originally from Las Vegas, accomplished. They thus, during several weeks, handled thousands of documents of all sorts, from imposing bound volumes, to huge color genealogical family trees, to small notes written on loose pieces of paper but rich in genealogical information.

Brother and Sister Miller, Missionaries for FamilySearch, are specialists in the preparation of documents for microfilming or digitization. They are based in Bordeaux where they prepare civil documents of the XIXth century which are then microfilmed by Brother Jackie Lemoine also of the Church.

Jean-Pierre Massela, member of the Torcy Ward, Paris East Stake, is head of FamilySearch services for Western Europe, in charge of microfilming and digitization operations.

Photo Captions:
Brother Arnold Miller in the Library of the SHPF
Sister JoAnn Miller preparing the list of documents to be digitized


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