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Friday, August 8


Since we have been on our mission we have had a series of badges to identify who we are. This is JoAnn's. The top right is the badge in English at the MTC. The next one down is in French. Then we got one in French that was also a Genealogical Society of Utah. The left top was Genealogical Society of Utah in English. Then the white one is what we have used for most of the mission which is FamilySearch. And finally the one at the bottom left is one we need to wear at the Mons Archive.
These are Arnold's which also include his ministerial certificate, passport and carte de sejour.

While working at the archives here in Mons we need to wear the FamilySearch badge that the church supplied and also the visitor badge that the Archives supplied.
During a French class that Elder Warnke teaches, he asked JoAnn, "How do you tell someone your name?" JoAnn just pointed to one of her many badges. It would be hard for anyone to not be aware of who we are. Actually, the badges have started many a conversation with people wondering who we are and what we are doing. We have been able to tell people about FamilySearch, the church, etc. Also, most people will speak English to us after seeing the FamilySearch badge. Sometimes when we are at church with so many French names, JoAnn has often wished that everyone could wear a name tag.


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