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Wednesday, August 6


Years ago there was a cartoon called Lil Abner and it had a character called Joe Btfsplk. Everywhere Joe Btfsplk went bad things happened. He was the original Jinx.

Well, we have started to feel like Joe Btfsplk. We had all the trouble at the archives in Bordeaux. The building began sinking and pulling away from the other two buildings to which it was attached. They eventually had to destroy that building and we were unable to work in the archives for several months.

We worked in Paris at the Protestant Archives for the 6 weeks during the destruction. First the heat went out in that building during a very cold part of the winter. Then there was a train strike for about 10 days. The train was the only way to get into Paris from where we were staying, so we were out of work again. The archives also had to close a few days because the employees couldn't get into work as they also came into Paris by train.

Now we are in Mons at a fairly new, beautiful, modern building that houses the archives. Well, now it seems that when they first built this complex of buildings (there is a huge convention type center on top of the archives) there was a lot of puddling during construction, so they drilled holes in the concrete foundation plates to let the water out. They made the building below the river level so when it rains water enters on the floor above us and leaks down through the ceiling and into the electrical conduits. Water is also coming up through the ground to cause water to form on the floor level. So, maybe this building is also going to be sinking.

Thanks to Arnold and JoAnn Btfsplk?????


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