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Monday, December 15


A very common sight in France and Belgium around Christmas time is Santa Clause hanging from an apartment window. He usually is hanging by a rope or ladder, but we have seen him parachuting down the side of the apartment buildings.We wonder if it is because there are no chimneys for him to come down so it is their way of showing him how to get into their apartments.
This is one of the few apartments that have decorations other than the Santa Clauses.The apartment directly across the street from us is the only one we saw with lights in the windows.
Someone put a "Christmas tree" in front of our apartment where they usually put the garbage on trash day. These are not the kinds of presents we are used to seeing under the tree.
Christmas trees decorating the streets of Tubize.
This nativity is hung on the outside of St. Elizabeths (about 3 blocks from our apartment).The McLaren girls at church last Sunday. They all dressed in outfits that looked like the Van Trapp Family Singers might have worn. The McLaren family performed for the Stake that evening. Kathleen, Heidi (their daughter visiting from BYU), Joanna and Clarissa in the front. The displays in the stores where they sold Christmas decorations shows the unusual color schemes that they seem to enjoy here. This is kind of a cross between burnt orange and copper.This is my favorite - beautiful colors - not traditionally what we think of at Christmas, but beautiful nonetheless.
Not as spectacular but these are our decorations. This is the cute nativity scene we bought. Also, not traditional, but we really love it.Our "bar" housed our decorations and eventually presents and goodies too.
Susan sent us these cute bears. They decorated our apartment, then we shared them with some of our friends here in Mons. The rest we took to the pediatric unit at the hospital. They were thrilled to get them. This tree is in the lobby of the hospital.The Young Women from Hidden Canyon Ward in North Las Vegas sent us these cute handmade cards and presents. Thanks girls!The malls in Bordeaux did very little in the way of Christmas decorations. Not so here in Mons. They really went all out.

We really have enjoyed the Christmas decorations here in Mons.


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