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Saturday, December 13


On Friday night they had a baby shower at the church for Julie. This is her first baby. The baby is due around Christmas day. Julie is such a wonderful addition to our Branch. They moved in about the time we got here in Belgium. She teaches languages, English, Dutch, etc. She was just recently called to be the Young Women's President. Lucky Young Women. She will do a terrific job. Julie admiring one of her gifts. She has a very cute bubbly personality, as you can see, and is always smiling.This is the present that Sister Egbert made for Julie. Someone asked if Sister Egbert made it herself and she said, "No, the house elves made it." Since the Elders live at her house, one of the Belge sisters thought she said Elders and was very impressed that the Elders would have made this darling blanket for Julie.Sister Leroy made this cute baby buggy cake. The frosting was chocolate ganuche and YUMMY! Her daughter was getting baptized right after the baby shower, and she made a dozen deserts for that too. She is amazing.
Sister Egbert made strawberry "trifle" and all the Belge sisters had to have the recipe - only they don't have Cool Whip here. But I think they will figure out a good substitute.
Battle of the Bellies - Round 1.Battle of the Bellies - Round 2. It was close, but the final score was Julie 2, Brother Leroy 0 and Santa 0.


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