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Monday, December 8


Last Sunday we enjoyed another wonderful dinner at the McLarens - turkey with all the trimmings. Yum!
This time we enjoyed the evening with Kayla and Patrick, Sister Egbert, Gavin, Collin, Clarissa, Joanna, Kathleen on the back row and Elder Peterson, Elder Kent, Elder Valenza and Sterling. (James was on assignment in England for a few weeks.) We all make a cute picture, don't we all? (That was for Kayla and Patrick since they are from the South and have very cute accents.)
While waiting for dinner, Joanna showed Elder Peterson all of the great ornaments on the tree that their family has made and/or collected from around the world.Elder Kent (from Mesa, Arizona) and Elder Valenza (from Peoria, Arizona) patiently waiting for dinner.Sister McLaren working hard in the kitchen. This is not the best quality picture but it does show what a fun, bubbly personality she has.
After dinner Clarissa began our impromptu talent show. She plays the harp very well, and also plays the piano and the violin. Patrick showing off his trumpet that was especially made for him. He plays in the Jazz Band on the base. They are being transferred to Oklahoma where he will also be playing the trumpet as his duty. Sounds like a great assignment!
An artistic shot that Sterling took, which also shows off Patrick's cute smile and personality.
Patrick played a very jazzy version of several Christmas songs and "In Our Lovely Deseret." When he prepared to play a certain number that was requested, this is what his sweet wife Kayla did in response:She also plays the trumpet, her mother plays the trumpet and also her father and several aunts, cousins, etc. It is just in their genes.
Elder Valenza has a beautiful singing voice and when we asked him to sing, he said he would rather play the piano. He apologized because as a missionary he doesn't have time to practice the piano, and then proceeded to amaze us with several very difficult and beautiful pieces of music, all played flawlessly.
Everyone sitting around enjoying the music that Elder Valenza was playing for us.
Elder Kent really got into Elder Valenza's playing of some Scott Joplin. Both of his feet were just flying.
The McLaren clan all play stringed instruments. They give many concerts, especially at this time of year.
They played for the elementary school, on base, at the Branch Christmas party, for a Stake Christmas event and will be playing for the Branch Christmas program.
Clarissa plays the harp for some of their numbers.
Elder Valenza sitting on the floor taking a video of the McLarens' concert. The Elders love taking pictures almost as much as they love eating at the members' homes.
Arnold sang what he called an Italian version of "You Are My Sunshine," which was really "O Sole Mio." As you can see from the look on Sister McLaren's face, it was a big hit.
Then the very elegant, high brow concert deteriorated into a version of "Stupid Human Tricks." Elder Valenza showed us his ability to stick his tongue up his nose (nope, didn't get a picture of that one). Patrick showed us his double jointed fingers, where he could bend his fingers in the opposite direction as the rest of his. Kayla showed us her jiggly eyes. But the best by far was Sister Egbert's eye. We all tried to imitate her, but no one was able to.
So, we consider her the winner, hands (or eye) down.

Luckily, the Elders saved the evening by presenting an inspirational message about Christ and Christmas. We really do love these Elders. Elder Valenza on the left, Elder Kent in the middle (he really does well at scripture chases), Sister Egbert, and Elder Peterson giving us a choice of scriptures to read along with the thoughts.

All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday. Thank you so much McLarens for your hospitality, talent and all around funness (not sure that is a word).


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It's so fun to see that you had a fun christmas. You seem to have a lot of friends. That makes life so much more fun.

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