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Wednesday, November 26


JUST SAY "CHEESE" CAKE!Nicole LeBaron, our Branch President's wife and counselor in the Relief Society Presidency
Delphine Leroy, a young adult with lots of personality.
Gweneale Leroy and her sister-in-law Lawrence Leroy
Sister Egbert, showing us the finer points of cheesecake preparation. This was an Enrichment Night at her home. She is the Enrichment counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. She showed us how to make three different kinds of cheesecakes. Two ways to make a regular cheesecake and a chocolate one. Can't wait to get home to try them out.
Some of the sisters waiting patiently for the "tasting." Pictured from left to right are Esther Vander Stockt (the Relief Society President), Nicole LeBaron, Kathleen McLaren, and Basillica. Sister McLaren and JoAnn were the only Americans. The other Americans probably already knew how to make cheesecake. It was fun to watch the Belgian ladies sample cheesecake for the first time. Some of them took a few bites and then put their dishes down. Then the other ones, after eating their own pieces, swooped down and took every bite of those left by other sisters. Poor Sister LeBaron was on a diet. She just took a small taste on a fork - and then kept licking the fork for the rest of the evening.

It was a fun relaxing evening, filled with laughter, fun discussions, and yummy calories.


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