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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Monday, November 24


One Sunday during Relief Society, two little ones were playing on the floor. (The Branch is small and so the Relief Society meets in a small classroom and sets the chairs around the walls, leaving an open space in the middle where the babies play.) One was a little girl who could sit up but was not yet mobile. The other was a little boy who had recently learned to walk. They played fairly well together, but the little boy would take the toys he wanted and then just step outside of the reach of the little girl. She took it well and otherwise they seemed to get along very well.

During the class, the little girl’s mother took her out to change her diaper. When she came back, the little girl had a diaper wipe (clean) in her hand. She accidentally dropped it and immediately the little boy rushed over to pick it up. We all thought that he was again staking his claim to this item. He scooped up the diaper wipe and went straight to the little girl and proceeded to use it to wipe her nose. The class came to a halt for a minute or so as we all had a good laugh.


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