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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Tuesday, November 25


Any way you look at it winter is here!

We woke up Saturday to a nice surprise - snow in Mons. These are pictures out our back window. The snow sort of makes the tiled roofs here look like gingerbread houses.
We were supposed to go to Stake Conference this weekend, but it was being held in Brussels, which is about an hour away. We still cannot find our way there without the GPS and for some reason it always leads us astray just before we get to the turn offs for the chapel. With the forecast for more snow, we decided to wimp out and not try to drive in the snow in unfamiliar territory. We felt bad until we learned that several other American families did the same thing we did - stayed home and worked on Family History. The Elders took the train and said that after conference on their way home there was a real blizzard. We later heard that there were many accidents and even a fatality on the roads we would have been driving. We were very grateful for our decision to remain home.
This was what was left by Monday morning. As parking places are a premium during the daytime near our apartment, we had a gentleman waiting for our spot as he saw we were going to leave. Evidently we were taking too long to scrape the frost off the windshields, because he got out of his car and grabbed the scraper out of Arnold's hand and proceeded to very quickly clear the frost from our windshields. It is amazing how the need for a parking spot brings out the good Samaritan in people.


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The snow is beautiful! Glad you both stayed safe.

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