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Monday, December 15


Saturday afternoon we had a Mons Branch Christmas party. What a wonderful evening. The afternoon began at 4:30 p.m. with the decorating of a Christmas tree. We then enjoyed a wonder dinner. The Branch supplied ham and turkey, and the members brought the rest. They never fail to supply an abundance of yummy things. We sat with the Leroys for dinner. Sister Leroy teaches the gospel doctrine class in Sunday School and Brother Leroy was just sustained as the second counselor in the Branch Presidency. They have a large family, many of whom live in the Branch. Lawrence and Ludovic are their daughter-in-law and son. (Cute matching shirts!) Lumberjack Styles also sat with us for dinner. He is a Chemistry teacher at S.H.A.P.E. and was just sustained as a counselor in the Melchizedek Priesthood Group. He is currently in the US picking up his wife and two-year-old daughter. They should be here around the first of the year.We played a rousing game of Christmas Pictionary after dinner. President Lebaron was the moderator. It was a really fun game and was something that all could play whether they spoke French or English. The only problem came sometimes when someone would yell out the answer in English and the person drawing spoke French and didn't realize that the answer had been given (and vice verse).The McLaren family provided some Christmas music as part of the program. Colin is patiently waiting for the show to begin. The McLarens in matching sweaters. They really are a talented family.The kids sat in the front for the program and, as you can tell, really enjoyed the music. Clarissa, Joanna and Sterling giving it their all. Their leader and fellow musician is Sister McLaren. Undoubtedly, she has played for years. Some of the Leroy girls - Gweneale, Zoe and Lawrence.Another Leroy enjoying the show and taking pictures of Sister Miller taking pictures of him. He was adopted from India, as was Kumarie who was baptized the day before.Then we were treated to a real magician's act. Brother Lopez was cute, funny, and did some great magic. He had Elder Valenza come up out of the audience. He asked him where he got his tie, and Elder Valenza said that his mother had sent it to him. Then Brother Lopez commenced to cut the tie into several pieces and put them into a bag that he had previously shown was empty. Then he had Elder Valenza stir the bag with the magic wand and all the children said "Abracadabra." Then Brother Lopez brought out the whole tie.Here Elder Valenza shows off the perfectly intact tie - along with a giant binky that Brother Lopez gave him because he was such a cry baby when he thought the tie was ruined. All night the little kids would come up to us and ask if we knew how the trick was done. Leisel Mendenhall said she would not be able to sleep that night until she figured it out. She and Gavin McLaren spent quite a bit of time with us surmising how the trick could have been done. No answers were found.Our magician in his civies - Brother and Sister Lopez. What a wonderful couple.Anita and Basilica enjoying the show and some refreshments.

Then Santa Claus appeared to the delight of the children (and adults). Below are some of the pictures of his visit.
Sasha was not sure he wanted to do this.
But, when the candy appeared, he suddenly was very interested.Ysaline loves Santa!Santa even loves the little children who haven't actually arrived yet.
(Side note: Julie's baby was born on Christmas Day!)Jessica Marshall says, "I've been good and I've got a boo-boo."
(Should be good for two bags of candy, don't you think.)
Gavin's not sure whether he is too old for Santa's lap, but the candy looked good.
Elder Valenza.Elder Peterson.
Elder Kent.
Elder Curtis.
The Elders are just big kids at heart.Colin McLaren.Brother Lopez scrutinizing the goodies.Santa Baby!
One of the Kilgore boys is not sure whether he wants to be on Santa's lap or not.
John Marshall is thrilled to be on Santa's lap. The oldest "kids" that Santa saw tonight.
We thought maybe his knees wouldn't take both of us sitting on his lap, so we stood.The infamous goody bag.
We had a great time and were amazed at what a wonderful party they had with so little expense and extra time and effort put into it. It just goes to show that good people can have a good time just by being together.


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