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Saturday, February 7


Last Sunday brought again an awareness of how wonderful the scriptures are in our lives. During our Sunday School class, Brother Leroy told us about his father's love of the scriptures. His father could not read but he loved the Book of Mormon. He would carry it with him everywhere that he would go. When he got to church on Sundays, he would rush over to the missionaries and have them read to him from the Book of Mormon. When something impressed him he would ask the Elders to show him where it was written and then underline it.

One day when he was at the doctor's office, he noticed a woman reading her Bible. He quickly sat next to her and started discussing the scriptures and telling her about his Book of Mormon, which he, of course, had with him. As Brother Leroy got to this part of the story, Anita spoke up and said that she was that woman and because of Brother Leroy's father's love of the Book of Mormon she became interested in the church and was baptized. She is a faithful member of the Mons Branch and a wonderful lady.

Because of his desire to read more from the Book of Mormon whenever he wanted, Brother Leroy's father learned to read. He was a faithful member of the church all his life and raised his children to love the Lord and the scriptures.

After Sunday School we had Testimony Meeting. A young man stood up and told how he had been inactive in the church for awhile. Recently his whole family had started coming to church regularly. He is about 18 years old. He said how since he has started to read his scriptures, pray and come to church that his life has been so much better. He said that he likes the way that he feels when he does these things. It is so refreshing to hear a teenager admitting that doing the right things actually makes him happy. He is now preparing to go on a mission.

After that a 16-year-old got up and told how she had not been reading her scriptures regularly for awhile. She made the decision to make scripture reading a daily thing. She, too, told how she was happier and that things seemed to go so much better for her when she consistently read from the Lord's words.

We have had a set time each day (as most missionaries do) to devote to studying the scriptures. We have always enjoyed reading the scriptures, but having this concentrated time while on our mission to search them more thoroughly has been such a blessing. We have come to understand so much more of what we read (especially some of those harder to understand sections of the Old Testament) and have felt so much closer to our Savior. This is just one more of the blessings that we are enjoying on this mission that we didn't anticipate.

We feel the Spirit prompting us about other matters of concern while reading the scriptures. So much so that when confronted with problems or worries, they seem to melt away as answers come to us, even answers to issues that were not necessarily contained directly in the passages we are reading about. We suppose that it is just the Lord's way of blessing us with His spirit as we follow His will.


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