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Monday, January 26


We woke this morning to the phone ringing. Our daughter Laura called to let us know that Arnold's mother, Marguerite Anderson Miller, passed away yesterday.

It has been very hard to have been so far away during the last while when she has been disabled. We so much wanted to be with her to share whatever time she had. The only consolation we have is that our last memory of her was so sweet. She was well and happy. We left her in good spirits and in good hands. We cannot say thank you enough for all that Mike, Connie and their famlies have done for her in these difficult last months. It is such a tribute to her to have such wonderful caring children.
It is a blessing to realize that she is enjoying a long-awaited reunion with her beloved Harold and other loved ones who have long passed before.
We will love and miss you so very much, Mom.


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