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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Friday, April 20

Chéres Amis et Famille,

Nous y sommes... et sommes arrivé Samedi dernier.
(We are here... arrived last Saturday)
Having a difficult time with this French keyboard though so please ignore the typos... We are staying temporarily while we are apartment hunting, with a wonderful French family, la famille Defranchi (pronounced Dufrahnkee). He is first counselor in the Bishopric of one of the wards here in Bordeaux and also sings in the Bordeaux Opera. We went to hear him sing Beethoven's Fidelio last Wednesday night. What an inspiring experience, I thought of our mission to release spirits from prison in the closing scene. And the prayer of the main male character, Florestan unjustly held as a political prisoner made me think of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail (DandC 121)...

Tell everyone there how we appreciate their prayers in our behalf. It is so heart warming to know that everyone is praying for you when you are serving the Lord as missionaries.
Don't drive our car much yet 'cause we're both afraid to drive these narrow streets. Took a nice promenade (walk) to the Centre Commercial (mall) à Meriadeck and found it to be so different from when I was here 46 years ago. They have everything there.
We feel so blessed to be here. If it were not for our daughter's family and their financial assistance we would not be able to serve here in France. Stake conference this weekend with a visiting general authority Elder Johnson of the seventy followed by a zone conference.
JoAnn is taking a French lesson from frère et soeur DeFranchi's nine-year-old daughter, Marina. It is so cute to listen to that it brings tears to my eyes.
Que Dieu vous bènisse. (May God bless you)
Elder et Soeur Miller / Elder and Sister Miller / Arnold and JoAnn Miller


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