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Wednesday, April 30

Just "Jost"

Yesterday while I was doing my Family History Indexing work in our apartment, the Lord blessed me with an unexpected miracle. I spend most of everyday doing family history work for people that I do not know and am not related to. I do this as part of our mission to help others, both those living here on earth and those living in the spirit world.

In the work I am presently doing, I work off of batches I receive from the Internet from the Family History Department. There usually is an abundance of work to do, but for some reason yesterday there were no batches released for me to work on. So, I took a second to go to the Internet and google one of my ancestor's last names. I usually never do such a broad search. I usually put the full name in quotations to narrow the results from my search. But this time I just typed in "Jost" - the last name of my great great grandmother. As you would expect, the search resulted in over 4 million hits. Nothing on the page that appeared had anything to do with my relatives, so I "randomly" picked another page to look at. As that page came up, the top site was a website ( done by a distant relative (not a member of the Church) who had histories, pictures, and other related sites all very well documented regarding my fifth great grandfather Johan Georg Jost and my fifth great grandmother Susanna Catherine Morash, who both lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia and had come to America from Germany and France.

Johan George Jost signature

Tombstone of George Jost
I downloaded all of this information and then went back to my indexing where there were several batches to be indexed. It only took me about 10 seconds to find an ancestor out of 4 million possibilities! The Lord truly does bless us when we are doing what we are asked to do. Whether we have hours to spend on genealogy (either ours or someone else's) or just 10 seconds, the spirits on the other side are there to guide us where we need to go. I am so thankful for this blessing and miracle in my life.

Tuesday, April 8

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived here in Bordeaux.

Does anyone remember the Black Pansies they used to plant at Disneyland by the Haunted Mansion?

Well they've got nothing on us here in Bordeaux. We have black Tulips by our monument to the fallen Soldiers of WW-I

We also have lots of other flowers... like the bluebells and deep blue Iris' in front of our apartment.

And the trees are in bloom... even wildflowers grow beside the road near the water treatment plant.