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Elder et Soeur Arn & Jody

Saturday, February 21


Last Sunday the Branch had a "Surprise" farewell Linger Longer for us after church. We were pleasantly surprised, although we had an idea something was up when a member told us to bring our camera to church and then we saw some members bringing food in the back door to church. As the guests of honor we were allowed to go through the food line first (after posing for a picture with our Branch President). The honor of going first usually goes to the kids, so our going first made us feel honored and young. The children's tables -- Natasha Nylen and her mother Raquel, and Charlie Leroy.Zoe and Lysandre Leroy (niece and uncle). Zoe seems to be saying, "Hey, I want some of those cookies too!"Raquel and Natasha Nylen - when asked to pose for a picture, Natasha promptly put her face into the chocolate cake - funny girl.The chocolate frosting is inviting. They love chocolate in Belgium. Most of the desserts had at least some chocolate in them.This is a kind of mousse only Belgian style. It is very thick, almost a cross between traditional mousse and fudge. It is wonderful, but you can only eat a very little at a time it is so rich.
The teenagers all sat together and were fed first. We wanted a picture with the whole cultural hall filled, but the teenagers ate so fast they were gone by the time the adults got their food and were seated.
Then the adults took over.
Bishop Lebaron, Sasha Morgun, James McLaren -
all enjoying the meal and each other's company.
Emrick making the rounds. He is so adorable that everyone has really taken to him. His mother is investigating the church and has been coming to church regularly for several months. She just had her baptism interview. We are so sad that we will miss her baptism but know that she will make a great addition to the Branch. Toon toasting us with the one shrimp that he allowed himself to eat - honest Elly that was all he ate. Eleanor Morgun had her baby two weeks ago. This was Katya Morgun's debut at church. The youngest member of the Branch helping say farewell to the oldest members of the Branch.


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