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Friday, February 1

President Gordon B. Hinckley

No one shines brighter on this earth than our own President Gordon B. Hinckley!

By Scot Facer Proctor

President Hinckley always uses his cane, just not much for walking. Accra, Ghana.

See what I mean. He was told to carry a cane and that's what he does - he carries it. Elder Russell M. Nelson is at far right. Accra, Ghana.

Not all of us have such a fancy pointing stick as President Hinckley. Kirtland Temple.

We marveled at the contrast of Joseph Smith's visit to the White House to meet with President Van Buren and President Hinckley's visit to the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given a United States citizen. The White House, Washington, D.C.

President Hinckley said, "Sister Hinckley would have loved this event." The White House, Washington, D.C.

You just can't help breaking into a smile when you are around Gordon B. Hinckley. Kirtland Temple.

President Hinckley is patient with all the photographers who are constantly taking his picture. He did say to us one time, in a quiet tone , that "if all the cameras in the world were thrown into the ocean, there would be a great flood." Kirtland Temple.
Who can resist President Gordon B. Hinckley's warmth? Kirtland Temple.
President and Sister Hinckley were just the trademark of happiness in Ghana. No one could keep their eyes off of them. Their warmth was infectious. Their kind waves of the hand always made everyone feel loved. Accra, Ghana
These two are love birds, no less. Kirtland, Ohio.
I'll never forget when President Hinckley invited his precious wife to the stand in Moscow and introduced her to the 2,000 present as his "Babushka.'' It brought the house down - they loved it. Moscow, Russia.
When we first published it, one woman wrote to us and said, "If people don't believe Mormons are Christians, just have them look at this picture of Sister Marjorie Hinckley." I so agree. Nauvoo, Illinois.

How blessed we are to live during the administration and ministry of President Gordon B. Hinckley. Nauvoo, Illinois.

I was reading an article about President Hinckley when I discovered that we are sort of related to him. His ancestor, Thomas Hinckley, who was the governor of Plymouth Colony, is your 10th great grand uncle by marriage. We also discovered that we are related to George Bush, John Kerry and Hugh Hefner. The latter may not be so wonderful, but it is a great feeling thinking we are related to President Hinckley, even in a small way.


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